130 miles NW of Dallas-Fort Worth, five miles NE of Wichita Fall

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Sheppard AFB - Home of the 82nd Training Wing and 80th Flying Training Wing.


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Sheppard Air Force Base

Sheppard AFB is the home of the 82nd Training Wing and the 80th Flying Trainging Wing. Sheppard is also the home to the US Air Force's largest technical traing operation and NATO pilot training program. There are currently thirteen nations that participate and fulfill positions throughout the wing. Sheppard AFB was named after the late Senator John Sheppard. John Sheppard was the chairman of the Senate Military Affairs Committee. Sheppard is known for their training schools (Aircraft Maintenance, Transportation, Civil Engineering, field training, and Communication.

Sheppard Air Force Base employs 7400 military and civilian personnel. The base is 5 miles from Wichita Falls. Wichita Falls is known for it's lakes. Lake Wichita, Lake Arrowhead State Recreational Park, Lake Texoma, and Lake Kickapoo are all within close proximity of the Air Force Base. The main landmarks in Wichita Falls are the Waterfalls, hence the name Wichita 'Falls'. These waterfalls were constructed in 1986 after they were destroyed earlier by floods.

In May 2005, the Department of Defense proposed a realignment of the base. The BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) list recommends the closure of 33 US Military Bases. Under the proposed plan, Sheppard Air Force Base would lose 2,600 military personnel. Sheppard AFB is the largest training base in the Air Force for Training Command and Air Education.